Zibula Attude: You cannot earn while sitting…

November 2009

The Uganda Literacy and Education Program is proud to announce the first project of its official partnership with the Kabira Adult Attention and School for Orphans (KAASO), which will support a grassroots community development and empowerment initiative called Zibula Attude (‘You Cannot Earn While Sitting’) for 50 women and men in the Rakai district of Uganda.

The program helps local women and men receive valuable education in basic business, agricultural practices, home economics, and cultural issues, as well as literacy training in local languages (Luganda) and English. All of its courses address important topics, such as HIV/AIDs, gender equality and environmental stewardship.

Over the course of three years, Zibula Attude has already helped about 50 women and men to increase their incomes and improve their chances for employment. Funding of the program by ULEP will significantly improve this initiatives reach and capacity.

The Canadian International Learning Foundation needs your help to raise the $11,000 required to fund Zibula Attude. These funds will cover the following:

– 50 student scholarships at $10 per student per month;

– $1,200 for agricultural supplies and equipment;

– $2,750 for model agricultural demonstration sites to improve the production of staple foods, such as plantains and corn, and introduce new crops, such as mushrooms; and

– $850 for musical instruments to be used for musical and theatrical productions to creatively improve HIV/AIDs awareness.

Located in the Rakai district of Uganda, KAASO aims to empower and equip the community as a whole to enable them to improve their livelihoods. In addition to the Zibula Attude initiative, KAASO also provides a maize mill project, a piggery project and a micro loan program for the local community. Furthermore, KAASO is both a home and a primary school to over six hundred children from the ages of four to sixteen.

To contribute to ULEP, please visit our Donate section. KAASO has already registered 42 students who are eager to learn and ready to start Zibula Attude. You can support these students by sponsoring them at a price of $10 per month through our Adopt-a-Student program.

In addition to contributing funding, there are many other ways that you can help support this program and support those who have never had a chance to go to school. For example, you could write about us to your local newspaper, tell a friend about ULEP, or take part in any of our “Volunteer Challenge” activities.

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